As we promised that we will bring you Interview With Hashim Zamah Nehh aka yaro mai buta, We finally got audience with him and he gave us alot of time and answered our questions. Below is the detailed interview our correspondence had with Hashim Zamah neh


  • Correspondent: Ok, Good evening sir, please can you tell our readers, who is hashim zamanehh?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: His name is hashimu hamza popularly known as hashim Zamah-Neh a.k.a Yaro mai buta.  From district of mummumsuka, gwadabawa local government area of sokoto state, Nigeria.Based in jos North, plateau state.Hashim Zamah Neh owns a recording studio in Benue state. He is d C.E.O of ku-gusa entertainment where he signed two artist as Anas Flexy & Jespen. His crew name is ku gusa soldiers
  • @Correspondent: Wow… Nice, so could you please tell us where the name “YARO MAI BUTA” come from?
  • @Hashim_Zamanehh: YARO MAI BUTA means Boy with kettle, the kettle is serving as my logo/slogan. Just like terry G… He goes to the stage with bell, Zaki aze ght. Therefore, Hashim Zamah Neh has his kettle as his symbol of Representation….
  • @Correspondent: Interesting😍. So, how did you get into music, i.e what motivated you, how you started, and your first track name?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: It started way back in my primary school, that was 2001, at then I use to mime people’s Music….Talking about 2pac, Borne thugs, notorious B.I.G & others. 2pac Music really inspired me, i then started composing mine….. More so, my first recorded track was titled Hadiza, as at then I featured one Ibrahim Mayor Hence he was d first person dat took me to the studio. In addition to dat, i use to bear Don nigger as my stage name until 2014.Before I finally change to Hashim Zamah Neh /Yaro mai buta which brought me to the level i am today.
  • @Correspondent: That’s quite a long story i guess… So who is your mentor?
  • @Hashim_Zamahneh: My foreign mentors r :2pac, J. Cole, kendrick lamar & Nas…. While here in Nigeria my mentor is Mode Nine
  • @Correspondent: That’s good to know, Recently, you released a music titled “LETTER TO MR.PRESIDENT”. Some people are of the opinion that you shouldn’t have done that, saying you are not considering the economic situation and being disrespectful, while some are saying it’s a timely drop and a music everyone should like, what are your says?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: Hmmm, my track Letter To Mr President as the name implies, Was done as a result of the the challenges Nigeria had in the 2016 & i was strictly mentioning those challenges & their solutions. I do not do or Sat d vice versa neither am against my country. It wasn’t an opposition.
  • @Correspondent: Good to hear, I hope our readers will finally be updated after the rumours all around. Mr.Hamza, what challenges do you face since you started music?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: The Challenges are much but in a nutshell…. 
  • At the beginning i was into English Rap, i had good English Rap songs like rock d girl, Ka zan zan, Hadiza etc that was when the name was Don nigger…. I took my English ALBUM titled ka zan zan to a marketer named AHBU Ventures, all he say to me was….. I can not indulge into any business with you until you carry out Alaba massive promotions and Radio promo which will cost me over One million…. As such i had to go back to my Home to repackage again. That was when d idea of change of name came up… I almost withdraw from Music for a different business but I decided to continue. After the change of Name from Don nigger to Hashim Zamah Neh /Yaro mai buta…. I had to also change my style. I then decided to go into Music production…. I spent almost a year learning Music production after which I established me personal studio and a record label named Ku-gusa Entertainment. The first single i recorded was “with a hit” followed by “Beef ClassiQ”.But Beef ClassiQ was the first released single & was the track that brought me to the limelight.
  • @Correspondent: Wow… You have really faced challenges and you curb them wisely. Ok, on ClassiQ issue, rumors everywhere, what’s actually between hashim zamah neh and classiQ?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: Hashim Zamah Neh & ClassiQ Arewa Mafia do not have any grudges…The Beef track u heard was just music.
  • @Correspondent: Okk… So what is your latest album right now?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: December 2016 i released RUWAN BUTA ALBUM which contains 20 trackz.Will be dropping an album soon but let’s be expecting it December as well.
  • @Correspondent: Nice… Good luck…Do you have interest in kannywood?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: Yea, sure. But it seems u must have a strong back up before you may be recognized.
  • @Correspondent: Yeah, But i guess you are almost there. So who is your best Actor?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: Hmmm, Ali nuhu, Adam a zango, Sadiq Sani Sadiq & shu’aibu lawan kumurci… Dat’s for the male.. But for the Female… Rahma Sadau, fati washa & Hadiza Gabon.
  • @Correspondent: 😍😍😍.. Big choices…Ok sir, how do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: One of the best African Rapper, a successful business tycoon & probably one of the best kannywood/Nolleywood Actor.
  • @Correspondent: Big Dreams!!.. Success….So how have you been managing studies and music???
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: It hasn’t been easy though but the Good news is that am done with my studies,i did my Nysc service in jos North plateau state.
  • @Correspondent: ToGodBeTheGlory… What’s the most shocking/surprising thing a fan had done to you?
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: Well the most shocking thing a fan did to me was when I informed the general public That i am shooting yan hanuna Official Video, a fan from Niger state sent #20,000 to support me…. I was really surprised bcos we haven’t met before,He asked my manager to send account details for a support from fan… & so he did…. After a short while, twenty thousand naira was sent to my account.I was shocked, I had to call him for confirmation.
  • @Correspondent: Lol… That’s quite shocking ooo….We’ve seen pictures on your insta page … Talking about u and your girl… So what’s the latest???
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: Yea it’s true…. Her name is Maryam muhammad., my Heart robber…..My wife to be soon insha Allah… Dated 19th may 2017…She is from jos plateau state.
  • @Correspondent: Wow…. We are counting days… We wish you success and happy marriage life…. Who is  your best best friend??
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: I have so many good friends but my best frd is myself (i.e Hashim Zamah Neh)
  • @Correspondent: Interesting… Self love they say, is the best love…So what’s ur fav food&drink???….And ur fav car.
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: My favorite food is swallow.. Talking about Pounded yam with Egusi & tuwon shinkafa…As for Drinks, i prefer farous… While for the car. I love PEUGEOT.
  • @Correspondent: We have questions upon questions fans would like you to answer to we ain’t gat all days, we know you are making it outta your tight schedules to answer our questions so lets take the last questions….. What would you have to says to your fans worldwide…???…..What advice would you give those youngsters who want to join Music???
  • @Hashim_Zamaneh: Well, to my fanz out there… I love you all… I must express my gratitude for the back up u’ll have been giving me. 🙏nagode….. To up coming artist out thr, never give up.. Keep pushing it…cos if you believe on urself… Determination leads to success…. Moreover, Prayer is the only weapon that will guide you against dangers… Be prayerful bcos prayer is the key to success.
  • @Correspondent: Ok… Big Big Big Thank you Hashim Zamah nehh aka yaro mai buta, its a great pleasure having you as a guest, thanks for your dedication, for your time, for everything, we hope you will grant us audience when next we invite you..
  • @Hashim_Zamneh: Yes, Sure

******* THE END*********

drop your questions and comments, we promise to forward them to Hashim ZamahNehh when next he is invited, Thank You


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